Seeing Deeper Into Beauty

Seeing Deeper into Beauty.

When did you last look at yourself in the mirror without judgement?

One of the pivotal moments in my relationship with my body came when I looked into the mirror and instead of avoiding my own gaze or focusing on what I didn’t like, I looked into my eyes and saw the light of my Self looking back.

I saw myself without thought, without criticism and for the very first time, I experienced myself as beautiful. I was 35 years old.

And this is the truth, when we connect with who we are beyond the body, the body in all its uniqueness reflects that Beauty back.

It is a powerful practice: to see yourself without judgement.

So, this week, I invite you to receive three slow breaths whilst looking in the mirror.

Three non-critical breaths.

This exercise is not about looking at what you dislike about your body or wish you could change.

Neither is it about forcing a good feeling nor finding wonderful thoughts about what you see.

Once a day, simply allow yourself...

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Safe to Share With

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

It’s time to shed light and love into the shadow that consumes, the hidden illness of bulimia.  It comes with crippling shame, despair and the terror of being found out.  Bulimia affects women, men and children of diverse ages and backgrounds.  It is not narcissistic, nor a sign of weak will neither is it manipulative behaviour.  It is pain.  It is emotional overwhelm.  It is a disconnect from one’s body and one’s self.  It is a deep howl of not feeling enough.  It is malnourishment of one’s body and one’s mind, and the desperate cry of that same body to live, and the soul to express. 

Healing of this tenacious illness begins with being able to share and from there seek help.  However, most people who struggle with bulimia are completely isolated in their torment – too ashamed and scared to let their friends and close ones know in case of rejection and condemnation.  And when someone close...

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Sharing Invalidates Shame

Emotional isolation is a common and painful symptom of an eating disharmony. It’s not easy to reveal our pain and struggles, especially in today’s society, where is so much pressure to be the perfect woman, partner, mother, colleague, daughter, sister, boss, etc. – and sometimes the whole lot at once!

The more imbalanced our eating behaviour is, the more intense the shame we feel. Which means many women are coping in secret. And, in fear of being found out, many of us become masters in pretence and deception, which only serves to compound the original shame we feel when struggling with food in the first place. This is particularly true for those of us who purge, where fear borders on terror at the thought of ‘being caught’.

However, women are creatures who need to express. Just by talking, we offload and find clarity. When we’re not keeping our stories flowing, our emotions build up in us and cut off our joy. Even worse, if the creative force is...

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Therapeutic Raw Chocolate Brownies!

As you might know or not - I'm not one for denying or restricting.  It's more a matter of retraining your tastebuds to like wholesome naturally sweet food again.

However, these brownies are absolutely delish!  All natural, all raw and very filling.  They nourish both the body and the emotions - and because of the doTERRA oils used, they're therapeutic!  That's food! lol

If you feel like something sweet and chocolaty go for it - these brownies do the trick.

(Please only use doTERRA oils. They're the only ones I can vouch for absolute purity and safety for internal use. It can be extremely dangerous to ingest any essential oil that isn't labelled suitable for internal consumption.)


2 1/2  cups pitted dates

1 ½ cups pecans (or almonds or walnuts or a mix of them)

6 tbsp cocoa powder (go for raw but if you can’t find, plain unsweetened cocoa powder is fine)

1 tsp vanilla extract

A couple of tsps water


¼ cup cocoa powder...

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When The Heart Aches

Essential Oils for Grief, Loss and Sadness
Recently, I've been speaking with a number of women who're going through bereavement. Grieving is a healthy and natural process, as I'm sure you're aware.  However, in our busy lives, it's so often suppressed because we don't have the space or support to be held in it;  or it can be just too overwhelming and we find it impossible to attend to what we need to in our lives. 
The oil blend which is a powerful helper for grief, loss and missing is Console. Over and over again, I've witnessed the incredible efficacy of it whether the loss is recent or from years ago. 
Apply Console a few times a day over the heart chakra (chest) area (I suggest getting the Console Touch as already diluted in a rollerball), and on the pulse points. (Little and often is the key as always!)  It smells sweetly floral. 
Not only...
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