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organic wholefood hot chocolate

Organic Wholefood Hot Chocolate - Slurp!

When the taste for something sweet or something chocolatey arises, I love to make hot chocolate with the following ingredients: Organic Almond Milk (I use the Rude Health almond drink, it's a mix of organic almond milk and organic rice milk - lighter than pure almond milk) Organic Cacao powder (can use cocoa powder if you can't get a hold of cacao - cacao is the raw version and is more nutritious and gives a smoother taste)

Organic Maple Syrup And then depending how I'm feeling, I'll add a drop of any one or two of the following doTERRA oils: Frankincense ( this is such a decadent hot chocolate - and an anti-inflammatory one too!) Cinnamon (balancing blood sugars) Cardamom (calming, especially if feeling frustrated!) Wild Orange (sweet joy)  Ginger (definitely one I reach for when needing warming up) Black Pepper (another warmer! and gives an unusual savoury twist) 

Of course, if you don't use doTERRA, you can use some powdered Cinnamon, Cardamom or Ginger or a scrunch of Black Pepper.  This drink really does hit the spot and fulfils that yen for sweet!


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