When The Heart Aches

Essential Oils for Grief, Loss and Sadness
Recently, I've been speaking with a number of women who're going through bereavement. Grieving is a healthy and natural process, as I'm sure you're aware.  However, in our busy lives, it's so often suppressed because we don't have the space or support to be held in it;  or it can be just too overwhelming and we find it impossible to attend to what we need to in our lives. 
The oil blend which is a powerful helper for grief, loss and missing is Console. Over and over again, I've witnessed the incredible efficacy of it whether the loss is recent or from years ago. 
Apply Console a few times a day over the heart chakra (chest) area (I suggest getting the Console Touch as already diluted in a rollerball), and on the pulse points. (Little and often is the key as always!)  It smells sweetly floral. 
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