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Nourishing Light - Marisha Horsman

Nourishing your Light - and the wonderful things that happen

Nourishing Light is about your light, and as you nourish it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, it, in turn, nourishes your life. 

And then what happens? Many wonderful things!

The struggle with your body ends and your relationship with food harmonises. With no forcing and no controlling.

As your body regains balance and vitality, it emanates your beauty. Not the false homogenised ideas of beauty that are dictated by the media.

Your unique beauty - real and radiant. No matter what size, shape or age. 

And your body can truly function as the perfect vehicle it is to serve your purpose of being here. 

As your emotions no longer hold you hostage, self-sabotage and compulsive behaviour fade away.

You begin to experience more and more 'a buoyancy' with whatever comes your way: a constant underlying sense of spontaneous joy instead of apprehension, doubt or stress. And an ability to face adversities with an attitude of adventure. 

Thoughts and beliefs that dominate your life from your deep subconscious are unearthed and transformed. No longer ruled by your past, fears, self-doubts and wounds, you co-create and respond with vision and self-generated power. 

Your relationships change and blossom, you'll find you're not alone, and a community of friends with whom you feel a deep connection will manifest. 

Clarity and passion arise for what you are here to do. No longer diminished by comparison and lack of self-value, you arise into the full recognition that there is only one you and one expression of you in this entire universe.

No other can be you - that's how precious you are.

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