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Stability & Movement with Cypress Oil

This wood oil is distilled from the leaves, not the bark, of the Cypress tree.  doTERRA sources sustainably by using the lower branches which are harvested to allow sunlight into the Cypress forests of Kenya. 

Cypress is an interesting oil as it is both about stability and movement.  For hundreds, if not thousands of years, it has been associated with the soul's transition at the end of life so it's common to find it in churchyards around the Mediterranean.  The Egyptians used it to make coffins.  And as much as it helped the spirit of the deceased 'move on' the people left behind used the scent of the burning branches to console themselves and give 'stability'. 

No surprise then, that this is a good oil for grief that weighs heavy on the chest and any sadness/respiration project that is lingering and causing us difficulty in getting on with life.  Diffuse, inhale from hands or rub a couple of drops into the chest area.

Reach for Cypress when there are circulation gets the blood moving and Qi moving too.  Dilute a little and rub into the area of the body that needs it or rub a few drops neat into the soles of your feet for general circulation needs. 

Legs love Cypress!!  Muscle cramps and sore muscles (you might wish to blend with Marjoram and dilute a little), varicose veins (blend with Helichrysum and Lemongrass, again little dilution), restless legs (dilute and rub into calves, feet and upper legs before bed) and cellulite (combine with Grapefruit and may wish to apply both oils directly to your brush before skin brushing.

Another area that Cypress helps with is an excessive need to be in control - which ultimately is born of anxiety.  It frees the mind to let go into the flow of life whilst providing assurance to the fears that are underpinning the need to hold on. Inhale through diffusing or from palms.

Cypress also excels in bladder issues such as bedwetting, incontinence and urinary tract infections.  For all of them massage a couple of drops with a little carrier oil directly over the bladder.  You can add Juniper as well for extra. Frequency of application is needed to begin with, so repeat every couple of hours especially in the case of UTIs. 

Whilst we're in that vicinity... it's known to be effective for endometriosis and fibroids.  Dilute a little and massage into the abdomen over the uterus and ovaries. Caution:  it may trigger a heavy release as it clears.  

Finally, on an astrological note...Cypress is very much a Scorpio/Pluto oil thereby helping with release, transformation and brings our subconscious darkness into the light so may we grow by it.  If you happen to have Scorpionic traits of getting obsessed of fixated on something or someone, Cypress will aid you to...yes, find your inner stability, let go and move on! 


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