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In India's ancient health science of Ayurveda, they use Fennel to strengthen what they term as 'digestive fire'.

This is the power of the stomach and intestines to digest. They understand that weak digestion leads to disease because we can't extract and absorb the nutrients out of the food, but also because semi-digested food putrifies in the gut, leading to a build-up of toxins. This results in fatigue, brain fog, confusion, reduced serotonin (depression), unhealthy weight gain (stagnancy), bloating, gas, constipation, candida overgrowth etc.

Fennel heats the furnace, so to speak, which is also why it's so helpful for weight loss...not only is food digested efficiently, the metabolism speeds up.

This gives us a clue to another way in which Fennel can power things up. Digestive fire is not just about digesting food; IT'S ABOUT DIGESTING LIFE.

A stronger digestive fire helps us digest whatever is going on in our life. It helps us understand and assimilate, it gives us mental clarity with our choices, and it helps us accept and emotionally reconcile so we can move forward.

So Fennel is one to reach for when we are overwhelmed, especially when that overwhelm of life leads to apathy and lack of self-belief, lethargy, despondency or if there's any shame lurking around.

Great to combine with Ginger. I consider these two as 'power buddies'.

These two will help turn ideas into action!

Diffuse together and add a few drops of citrus to get some sunshine in there too... Wild Orange or Tangerine, for example.


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