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Nourishing the Light you are...

on all levels of your being.

(We begin with your relationship with food.)


A warm-hearted welcome,

My name is Marisha Horsman, and for the past 24 years, I’ve travelled the path of radiant nourishment.  

I'm a holistic health guide, wholefood enthusiast and avid explorer of body, mind & spirit.

And I'm devoted to helping women awaken through healing their relationship with food and their body.

However long you've struggled with food, Nourishing Light shines the way for you to enjoy food harmony whilst discovering your innate beauty, joy and light.

Let's begin together...




"Nourish your light - Nourish your life"

Women have been taught there is something wrong with their body, to control it, force it, reject it. And yet, nothing could further than the truth. Your body is not a mistake, it is perfectly designed for you to experience what your soul has come to learn. 

Nourishing Light will empower you with the right tools and skills to actively work through your negative emotions, self-defeating thoughts & habitual behaviour that keep you from a radiantly nourished life.

End your struggles with your body, master your emotions and connect with your innermost truth.

At its heart Nourishing Light is about awakening to your radiant potential through unravelling all that you're not, whilst cultivating all that you are. We begin with your relationship with food and your body. 

Nourish your light - Nourish your life





Heal your relationship with food & body, and discover your innate beauty, joy & light with my range of courses.




Dynamic one to one sessions to work through sabotaging emotions, beliefs & behaviours.  Cultivate your connection and power within.  




Take some 'self time' and have a look at my blog & articles on how you can nourish your light and life.


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