Break free

from the battle

with your body!

Live the life you sense most intimately inside.


Empowering Transformation for Women

who Battle with their Body



Break free from the binge cycle without battling. 

 Immediate help right when you need it.  Lay the foundation for long-term recovery.


From Chaos to Radiant Recovery

The Way of Nourishing Light:

How unravelling your eating disharmony can become your greatest blessing.


Allow Nature to nurture you by using absolutely pure essential oils to support your recovery.

Uplift your mood, calm anxiety, aid digestion, reduce cravings...

Welcome. I'm Marisha Horsman, and I created NOURISHING LIGHT to empower women to break free from battling with food and their body.

You can live the fulfilling and joyous life you yearn for and sense most intimately inside.

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Nourish By Scent

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A 'kindness only' zone, where you can learn about nourishing yourself on all levels of your being, heal your relationship with food and your body, receive tips on emotional mastery as well as share the celebrations and challenges of the transformational path with others.

All women who wish to transform their relationship with food and their body, who long to be free of the emotions that sabotage and drain, who yearn for a soul-centred life are welcome.


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