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Empowering Transformation for Awakening Women

End the struggle with your body, master your emotions, connect with your innermost Truth.


Be nourished by Mother Nature.

Use the power of 100% pure and potent essential oils to rebalance your body, harmonise your emotions,  and align with your sacred potential.



From Chaos to Radiant Recovery
The Way of Nourishing Light:
How unravelling your body-struggle can become your greatest blessing.


Receive personal guidance on harmonising your relationship with your body and food.

Learn simple techniques to free yourself from the sabotaging emotions and limiting beliefs that perpetuate the battle and the anguish.


Welcome. I'm Marisha Horsman, and I created NOURISHING LIGHT to empower awakening women to live a life nourished by the transformational power and beauty of their innermost spirit.

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Nourish yourself with the company of like-minded women and catch alight with the joy of nourishment!

A 'kindness only' zone, where you can learn about nourishing yourself on all levels of your being, heal your relationship with food and your body, receive tips on emotional mastery as well as share the celebrations and challenges of the transformational path with others.


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