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Nourishing Cleanse & Reset Autumn 2022

The whole food detox that transforms your relationship with food.
In this Reset, not only will you experience that cleansing can be a restful and enjoyable experience, you will feel aligned with yourself, you will feel good in your body and most importantly you will feel nourished.
Transition from self-sabotage to establishing long-term healthy eating in five nourishing weeks, whilst detoxing candida, petrochemicals and heavy metals from the body.

Detoxes have limited benefit if we return to the same self-destructive habits - especially our eating habits.  During this Cleanse, you'll be given the practical 'know-how' and guided on how to 'reset' your relationship with food...and your body.  So that your eating supports your health, joy and freedom to live your fullest potential!

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Tasting Freedom Mentoring

Eat freely without fear, frustration, shame and self-sabotage; cultivate a joyful relationship with food, a loving relationship with life!

In this one-to-one mentoring, I guide you personally along the way of Radiant Nourishment.  Together we address the causes of your eating disharmony whilst tending to the symptoms.

You will access all the experience, expertise, and effective tools & tips that I've accumulated over the last twenty years, so you may rediscover joy and freedom with food again! 

This is not about managing an issue, this is about transforming it!

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