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essential oils for grief, loss and sadness

When The Heart Aches

Essential Oils for Grief, Loss and Sadness
Recently, I've been speaking with a number of women who're going through bereavement. Grieving is a healthy and natural process, as I'm sure you're aware.  However, in our busy lives, it's so often suppressed because we don't have the space or support to be held in it;  or it can be just too overwhelming and we find it impossible to attend to what we need to in our lives. 
The oil blend which is a powerful helper for grief, loss and missing is Console. Over and over again, I've witnessed the incredible efficacy of it whether the loss is recent or from years ago. 
Apply Console a few times a day over the heart chakra (chest) area (I suggest getting the Console Touch as already diluted in a rollerball), and on the pulse points. (Little and often is the key as always!)  It smells sweetly floral. 
Not only does Console help release that iron fist of intense grief, but it also aids the release of the physical pain in the chest that accompanies it.  It facilitates the space for the loss to be felt and yet, at the same time holds us as we go through it, or the grief through us.   
The experience of relief is different from person to person, some say they can feel the sorrow but are able to move on through life again, others find that they don't cry as much, others find it allows them the tears to flow freely and deeply for as long as needed (a dear friend who lost her brother suddenly, found it enabled her to cry non-stop for 3 weeks and then felt completely liberated from the sorrow afterwards).  I've seen women completely falling apart as they share a loss that happened ten or twenty years earlier, find calm and their centre within minutes of applying this blend - it allowed them to let go. 
And it's not just for bereavement, Console is great for any sort of sadness or missing!  I'm in a long-distance relationship and this enables me to transition between being 'with' and being 'without' with greater ease.  So much so he starts asking where is the Console about 48 hours before we part because he sees such a noticeable difference in me (him too, by the way! lol)
Another blend that helps with grief and sorrow, is Breathe (also known as Air).  When we are holding onto emotion, we tend to hold our breath at the same time.  Breathe (Air) unloads the emotion from our chest by releasing our breath.  
You can also apply Breathe (Air) over the chest area, either dilute with 2 drops of carrier oil, or again, it's available in Touch form. 
Breathe (Air), is a super oil to diffuse at night in the bedroom (it's helped many children sleep through the night who were previously restless sleepers), and if you are already using Console over the heart chakra, this how I recommend you use Breathe (Air) in tandem. (You'll need to get the standard bottle of Breathe (Air) if you want to diffuse it). 
Other oils that also may help with sadness, loss and grieving are SerenityFrankincenseGeraniumCedarwood and Lavender (the Great Comforter)…
(You can find out more about the essential oils I use here: .)


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