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The Planet & Your Relationship with Food

COP 26, The Planet and Your Relationship With Food

This body is made of earth and gold,

Sky and stars, rivers and oceans,

Masquerading as muscle and bone…

~ The Radiant Sutras by Lorin Roche

The way humans take care of their bodies and the planet are intimately linked.

It's no coincidence that as 'man' began to see nature as a resource to plunder and use without regard to the consequences, so too the relationship with our bodies followed a similar route. We became disconnected from our physicality and sustenance on a grand and personal scale.

We pollute our world and bodies in tandem. Toxins in the waterways and our blood.  Synthetic fertilizers and overuse of land deplete our soil and our bodies with nutrient-poor produce. Plastics wrapping our food and our wildlife. We try to control both nature and our body instead of seeking harmony; understanding that without both in balance our experience of this precious life becomes one of suffering, in body and mind. Without both existing, we don’t get to be here at all!

When we recognise that intimacy of nature and our body, we start becoming mindful of what we nourish our body with (as well as what we use to keep it warm, clean, healthy, and looking beautiful).

And our relationship with food is directly related to how we relate with our body.  Is it one of force and domination, of being in or out of control? Or is it one of respect, kindness, and listening to its wisdom?

So many of us wish to eat healthily but due to reasons such as addiction, self-sabotage, unresolved emotions, an inability to cope, distorted taste buds, habitual behaviour, we find it almost impossible to sustain and end up reaching for the refined and processed stuff.

If you want to learn how to transform your eating into an enjoyable and nourishing experience that is in harmony with your body and this beloved planet, or just wish to dive deeper into your wholefood eating… then please join the Nourishing Light Community each month for virtual brunch:


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