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really taste your food

Enjoy your food!

If you’re going to take the time, energy and effort to put food into your precious body, then enjoy yourself. 

To put food in your mouth and then fill your head with thoughts of ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’, beating yourself up about it, is just nuts.

Relax… take the time to enjoy it. Give your full attention to the food you have before you, and especially when it reaches your mouth.

Food is loaded with memories and emotional connections in regards to eating. It’s so easy to end up eating food because the memory of it tasting so good is what you’re focusing on, not the actuality of it.

Nostalgia for the days of Mum’s Christmas pudding and the bottomless tin of Quality Street can mean we end up eating with our head instead of our body.

We can no longer hear whether the body does want more, or even if the body even really likes the food in the first place. It’s the memory of warmth, love, laughter, company, safety (whatever the emotion or sense) that the food gave us in the past that is feeding us now. It’s a kind of self-induced sensory illusion.

By bringing your attention back into tasting your food, by taking the time to enjoy it, you’ll discover what foods you and your body really do like the taste of, as opposed to the ones you think you like the taste of!

As an added bonus, you’ll find it easier to stop eating when you really starting taste your food.


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