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How to Use Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Aromatic Application: Breathe Them In

This is the most immediate way to receive emotional benefits. When we smell the oils, their molecules travel via the olfactory bulb directly into the limbic brain where our emotional memories (including trauma) are stored. In doing so, they stimulate the hypothalamus from which our emotional responses are initiated. It’s estimated that 90% of all human behaviour is tied to this system which is subconscious and so easily influenced by the aroma.

So please don’t underestimate the power of pure aroma! These scents are messengers of harmony, helping us to regain balance on all levels of consciousness. 

There are two main ways to receive aromatic benefits: using a diffuser and palm inhalation.

A diffuser uses water to disperse the oils in a cold mist. This is a super way to use the oils at home, the whole family can benefit or perhaps whilst working at your desk. This method is also handy to promote a good night’s sleep. Please note, diffusers are not oil burners where the oil is heated in water over a candle thereby burning the therapeutic properties.

To use the palm inhalation technique: Place one drop of oil in the centre of your palm, rub palms together without touching fingers and then cup your hands over your nose, and breathe in deeply, avoiding your eyes.

Please note: This is not a suitable method for any hot oil, such as Cinnamon, Cassia, Clove, Oregano, Black Pepper, Thyme.

Other methods of aromatic application: 

You can also place a drop of oil on a handkerchief, on your clothing, or use a lava bracelet or aroma necklace.

Topical Application: On Your Skin

Essential oils are ultra-concentrated so a little goes a long way so remember to dilute with a carrier oil unless otherwise instructed.

Carrier oils: fractionated coconut oil (fractionated means the coconut absorbs without leaving a greasy residue) jojoba, grapeseed, and almond. I tend to use almond for my face and fractionated coconut oil everywhere else.

Baths are another way to benefit both topically and aromatically. Use a few drops in combination with some Epsom’s Salts or Himalayan Salt or a little milk to help disperse the oils in the bathwater. Soaking in a bath is a lovely way to soothe an agitated mind and induce rest in a stressed body.

Remember, citrus oils make the skin highly sensitive to UV rays - so avoid applying citrus oils if going on a sunbed or exposing the skin where applied to direct intense sunlight for at least 48 hours... I tend to avoid all citrus on my skin in the hot months so as to make sure :)

Internal Use – In Water, Food & Veggie caps

I suggest internal use for a few oils by adding to water or warm beverages. Although there are other oils that can be ingested, not every essential oil is suitable for internal use, so please be informed about each oil before using it. You can take suitable oils in a veggie cap if you don’t like the taste.

Some oils can be added to foods, for example, a drop of Lime oil in a smoothie is delicious! Or a drop of Ginger in morning porridge. Citrus oils in water are fabulous for cleaning out the body of harmful toxins, especially xenoestrogens – those chemicals which mimic oestrogen in our body and cause havoc.

Essential oils are safe and easy to use, as long as 100% pure, however, they’re still a concentrated form of Nature and therefore demand respect.

Please note: do not ingest any essential oil unless indicated for internal use, are therapeutic grade and you know without any doubt they are pure. I personally advocate doTERRA only for my Nourishing Light clients.

When adding citrus oils to water or liquid, use glass, steel or ceramic vessels. Not plastic. The citrus oils will leach the chemicals out of the plastic into your water, they’re that powerful.

Not everyone feels comfortable about using the oils internally, if you’re one of them then I completely respect that, and say ‘Then, please don’t! You can always apply the oil to the soles of your feet as an alternative to taking it internally. It’s wise to still drink water if you use the oils in this way. This is to make sure your body is hydrated and can clear out any toxins that are released in response to the oils.

Also, with internal use, don’t rush in. Begin slowly, for example, by adding one drop of citrus to your glass of water a day, and increase the amount of the regularity from there.


If you would like to have a look at the essential oils I use, please use this link



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