Liberating your Light, 
one joyous bite at a time.

Say goodbye to sabotaging food choices, bingeing, sugar addiction, dieting, and food vows, for life.

What if I told you healthy & happy eating had nothing to do with willpower?

(And also nothing to do with rules, denial and counting anything...)

You already have the power to transform your eating...

Transforming your relationship with food from one of guilt, exasperation and self-sabotage into one of joy and freedom is founded on these three truths (and none of them is food interestingly enough!): 

  1. Your Body’s Wisdom 
  2. Your Radiant Self (eternal and infinite)
  3. The Understanding That YOU Are Your Greatest Healer.

These three truths can NEVER be lost (only covered up), no matter how long you’ve struggled with food, or how intense your battle may be, whether it’s the inability to kick sugar, emotional eating or the rollercoaster of yoyo dieting...

Let's have a closer look:

Your body is a miracle.  The same consciousness that created the entire universe created your body,  Hundreds of thousands of functions carry on without your conscious input. 

It has its own intelligence, and it knows what it needs. (You just need to learn how to listen to it, nourish it, and 'reset your tastebuds'.)

Open to Joy with every mouthful...


Your Radiant (and Innermost) Self is not separate from the great ocean of consciousness which created the universe. It communicates via the faculties of intuition, inspiration and insight, as well as through nature, awareness, and creativity. 

The power of your radiant Self is far greater than your mind, and once you've aligned with it, everything is possible! (Including transcending emotional overwhelm and releasing beliefs & memories that keep you bound in self-sabotaging behaviour.)

And without a doubt, you are your greatest healer.  True, you're not an island; we all need help finding the way, learning techniques, and discovering the necessary information.

However, no one can know you, your past, your present, and your innate potential as intimately as yourself. (Each journey of transformation is unique, and the beauty, blessing, and fun are in the unravelling of your own!)

You already have all the vital ingredients you need inside you.

So why haven’t you been able to sort it?

Well, just because we have the power doesn’t mean we’ve experienced it and know how to use it!

Or even access it.

There are a few factors involved but the main culprit is disconnection.  Whenever eating is out of whack, disconnection is involved. Disconnection from our body and from our true Self.

Disconnection from our body may be due to:

  • not being able to cope with overwhelming emotions (which are felt in the body)
  • refined and processed foods which distort our taste and hormones
  • being taught to control it, force it, distrust it, override it, dominate it. Certainly not listen to it!
  • being 'stuck in your head'

Once we disconnect from our body, we can’t hear the signals it sends us and if we do, we don't know how to respond appropriately.  

Without a connection with our true Self, our negative thoughts, feelings of not 'being enough' and debilitating emotions keep looping. 

And we find our behaviour repeating, despite our best efforts, vows and tremendous willpower. 

Find your way to connection and delight...


"Working with Marisha has been a great gift in my life. She is deeply compassionate, patient and clear. Her ability to hold a space in the midst of my struggle, gently guiding me through it, was a lifeline when I was lost and overwhelmed…"

~CB, New York

After all, it's exhausting, isn't it? 

Promising you'll change the way you eat, only to find yourself falling off the wagon again?

Even more wearying can be the endless search for the perfect diet (which by the way, I’m sorry to tell you doesn’t exist – one size does not fit all when it comes to nourishing your unique body).

And then there’s all the time and energy that seems to get sucked into thinking and worrying about food and your body – the should and should nots, the rules and counting and that feeling and knowing you’re not at you most vital because the body just isn’t happy in itself.  Missing its vitality and sweet ‘hummmm’ of harmony.

It’s even more frustrating if you’ve been trying this for years, and STILL it goes it on. Despite your vows and resolutions. No matter how determined you are.

Wouldn't you love to be able to...

  • Make food choices that are aligned with health and happiness, without having to force and 'control yourself' ever again!
  • Hear satiation clearly and be able to put the fork down effortlessly instead of guessing or feeling like you're about to pop!
  • Eat without fear, shame and compulsion - and instead experience joy and freedom with your food choices!
  • Break the endless cycle of binge behaviour and wave 'goodbye' to the despair and fatigue that goes along with it!
  • Live without the burden of  'food rules', counting calories or measuring every last gram so you can go out for dinner or to a birthday celebration without the anxiety of what's going to end up in your tummy.
  • Discern TRUE hunger, so you're not enslaved to clever food company tricks to get you to eat more!
  • Simply and easily refuse dessert because with all honesty you don't want it!
  • Identify the beliefs and emotions that are bound up with your eating habits and know-how to unravel them, so they don't lead you down the path of self-sabotage, again.
  • Be free from the misery of food cravings!  (So you don't find yourself filling your mouth full of something that you know isn't doing you any good.)
  • Discover all the time, energy, creativity and happiness that is released when food is no longer a big deal so you can get on with living your fullest potential!
  • Reconnect with your truest and innermost Self and experience the sweet nourishment from inside out.

Free yourself from sabotage and frustration...


The biggest problem is not knowing HOW to do it...

And the myth that our society propagates that willpower is the answer is not helping either.

Honestly, if the solution wasdown to willpower, you would've sorted this years ago! 

And yet that's where we all go... into the pothole of willpower  and resolutions over and over again because we've been fed the answer is about control, forcing and sticking to rules. 

And because we don't know there is another way.

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • You find yourself vowing again and again that you will change your eating behaviour, to no avail. (Sigh!)
  • You’ve done all the ‘right’ things, even had days,  weeks, or perhaps even months, of healthy eating and then find yourself bingeing and feel  ‘you’ve blown it’.
  • You wish to stop eating foods that you know don't do you any good, but find yourself reaching for them anyway, and then you go back for more.
  • Once you start eating, you find yourself unable to stop, whether it's a meal or a snack, it goes on and on.
  • As soon as 'something' happens, you find yourself in front of the fridge or opening cupboards!
  • You're tired of your weight and your resulting self-esteem yoyo-ing as you think you've found the long-term answer, only to discover it was a short-term fix.
  • Have moments wondering if there's more to healthy eating than salad, fruit and smoothies. (Yes, there is, thank goodness!)
  • Find the idea of counting calories, weighing yourself and micro-managing what you put in your mouth for the rest of your life depressing.

No more rules, vows and extremes...



"Working with Marisha, has been transformative for me, on many levels... I highly recommend Marisha"

~AB, London

It can be quite an adjustment, to hear it's not about willpower and rules but as I've mentioned above, if it was you would've nailed it already.

Time to try something different... 


 Tasting Freedom

Transform your relationship with food

and liberate your Light.

The focus of this mentoring program is to free you from self-sabotaging behaviours, faulty beliefs and undermining emotions around food so that eating healthily is an effortless and joyful experience for life. 

Meaning you can get on with what you've been born to do instead of pouring your precious time, energy, confidence, creativity and resources down the drain of disharmonised eating behaviours (and the accompanying battle with your body).



  • 9 One-to-One 90-minute sessions (via Zoom). These sessions are the heart of the mentoring and use The Menu framework: essential if you wish to be free for life!
  • 1 Liberating Astrology Session.  This indepth session helps us uncover your unique emotional patterns, gifts, obstacles, life lessons and path of soul fulfillment.
  • Supporting pdfs, audios, videos and custom-designed meditations uploaded to your online portal with each session for ease of access.
  • WhatsApp support (text and voicemail) so you can reach out to me throughout the mentoring if/when needed.  I have your back when things are tough!
  • Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil suggestions to help support your journey and unfoldment between sessions and after.
  • Tools and techniques to support your emotional wellbeing so you can self-apply and empower yourself long after the course has finished. 
  • Once a client, always cherished receiving news of upcoming courses and retreats first and invitations to events and gatherings.

The Tasting Freedom Menu

Based on 25 years of experience. This unique and holistic framework is what ensures freedom for life.

Give yourself the gift of freedom...


“Just being in Marisha's presence is calming. She is a truly gifted healer and the techniques really do work… She also gives you the skills be able to work on yourself.”

~WK, London

Let's have a closer look at The Tasting Freedom Menu:


A Greater Power
with Kindness

  • Kindness is far more effective than willpower and it doesn't set you up for failure.  (Experience a beautiful meditation that helps you open to this greater power.)
  • How a faulty perception is undermining your attempts to find balance with food. Once you have a clear understanding of what your eating struggles are really about, everything changes!
  • What you’re doing, which is causing you to fall into the same potholes over and over. (Everyone does this because we all think it's the answer.)
  • When it comes to food, the way to freedom & joy dwells beyond extremes and is rooted in your choosing. 


Your Way Out of Trouble
with Nourishment

  • Why Nourishment is a much bigger affair than what we put in our mouths!  And what happens when we don't take care of the 5 Physical Nourishments. 
  • How to Handle Cravings Part 1 - we address cravings caused by physical factors. (Cravings will reduce significantly with this understanding.)
  • The key pointer that bans confusion and makes food choices soooo much easier.  This comes with huge relief, bye bye seeking the 'perfect diet'.
  • Utilise the Retraining Your Tastebuds Process to transition from processed to healthy foods enjoyably and without 'blowing it'.


Your Body's Wisdom
with Connection

  • How to restore connection with your body, even after decades of being 'off line' and cultivate trust after a lifetime of not trusting it.
  • Open to your body's inherent wisdom and learn how to hear the subtle messages with the dynamic practice of Conscious Eating.
  • The 5 Types of Hunger, how they are impacting your food choices and how to discern whether hunger is true or not.
  • Awaken your ability to hear your body's satiation signals so you may put the fork down effortlessly. No willpower or control required.


Your Inner Alchemist
with Awareness 

  • What is the true function of the body and what does that have to do with it?  (Short answer: EVERYTHING) This understanding is a gamechanger.
  • Experience the alchemy of Awareness and be elevated to choice instead of compulsive behaviours. Simple and beyond powerful.
  • Discover what the hidden causes are underneath your self-sabotaging eating habits with the help of an Awareness Journal.
  • How the art of self-enquiry can dismantle ingrained eating behaviours including the priceless 'Four Questions' which you can apply anywhere, anytime (without anyone knowing!)
  • Reconnect with your Radiant Self, and harness the power prior to your mind with a beautiful meditation.


Your Emotional Mastery
with Effective Tools

  • Identify where you are on the Three Levels of Emotional Maturity & a Washing Machine framework and learn why Emotional Intelligence is more significant to our success (and happiness) than IQ.
  • Understand the effect of Mind Nourishment along with the connection between what we feed our mind and what we put in our mouths, and vice versa.
  • Why rewriting your neural pathways is necessary to free yourself from persistent cravings deep-rooted in memory and past experiences.
  • Learn easy and effective tools so you can dispel overwhleming emotions and free yourself from using food as a coping mechanism.


In the Intimate Sweetness
with Radiance

  • Access the Nourishment from Inside Out and experience the sweetness that's not dependent on the world. (No more standing in front of the cupboards when crisis hits.)
  • Recognise your true Beauty and step out of the trap of comparison.  You are always enough and have always been more than enough! 
  • Learn the art of Yogic Sleep, which trains the mind to meditate effortlessly and enjoyably, and also regenerates your body at the same time. (Lack of rest leads to snack attacks!)
  • What's the moon got to do with it?  How astrology can help us with our nourishing tendencies and challenges. (We have some fun with this one!)
  • Self-love isn't really a foreign land.  Learn the little steps that lead to that fulfilling state we're always hearing about but wondering 'how on earth?'

Freedom awaits...


Extra Resources

Not everyone binges (or purges) but if you do...then these extras will change your world significantly!

These will be released later in the mentoring after we've covered the first few weeks of material (as you need to have understood and practiced some key elements for them to be of use).

  • How to Break the Binge Cycle pdf not everyone binges, but if you do, you don't want to pass this by.
  • How to Befriend the Binge Urge Sequence this turns the urge into an ally (it can also be applied to the urge to eat something that you know you're going to regret.)
  • All About Purging pdf... for those who suffer with purging, this is for you with all my love.  I'm aware this is more widespread then most people realise (and increasingly affecting the more mature woman), and as someone who was caught in it for a decade, I couldn't not give you helping hand.  

Tasting Freedom works.

However, I understand that you may feel unsure to invest in a 12-week commitment if you haven't worked with me before.

That's why i offer a refund.

Simply let me know that you don't wish to continue after our first session and I'll return your money with love.  This gives you a good taste of what working with me is like and what it will offer you.

My name is Marisha Horsman, and it’s precious to connect with you here.

I'm a holistic health coach and therapist, who overcame multiple & chronic eating issues, completely naturally... and elevated my health, happiness and life whilst doing so!

And I love to offer my experience, expertise, and the effective tools & tips that I've accumulated over the last twenty-five years, so women just like you can find freedom and joy as I have done. 

All the years of travelling the world, studying holistic health modalities, learning from teachers, therapists & gurus, staying in retreats, attending workshops, the hundreds of books, and the experiences of my own healing and the many I have helped are poured into Tasting Freedom

Why the majority of programs fail in the long run is they are about managing an issue, in Tasting Freedom, we transform it! 

Who is Tasting Freedom Together for?

If you...

  • have had enough of sticking plasters over your eating behaviours and are ready to address the underlying causes;  
  • wish to raise the bar of your health and happiness and recognise that making peace with food and your body is central to that:
  • are willing to face the emotions that are holding you and your body hostage;
  • recognise investing in your self-development is key to fulfilment and joy;
  • are tired of pouring your energy, creativity, time and resources down the drain of self-sabotage and want to prioritise your freedom
  • are hungry for a life nourished by Love, Light and Joy; and haven't been able to find it.
  • feel an inner 'yes!' as you read this.

Who isn't suited for Tasting Freedom Together?

If you...

  • are looking for a quick fix.  Eating issues tend to have taken decades to arise and although it won't take decades to resolve them, it will take some time.  How long is unique to each person.
  • are wishing for results but are not prepared to participate.  Transformation requires our devotion to the process. If you don't apply what you've learned, you're not going to get limited benefits out of the mentoring. Who wants that?
  • are looking for 'the same old, same old'. Diet junkies won't find their fix here.  If you want a regimen with strict rules, counting, measuring and weighing.  Please look elsewhere!
  • are only interested in losing weight.  Weight loss does happen, quite frequently in fact, but it's a happy side effect and only if the body is overweight to begin with. I don't focus on it.  This mentoring is about so much more than losing weight, it's about freeing you.
  • are convinced there is no higher power of any kind and have no openness of mind on the subject.  You'll still gain benefits, but again they'll be limited and you're probably not going to vibe with me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will begin to experience benefits from the first session we have. However, a complete transformation of your eating disharmonies (as I call them) will be dependent on the severity and duration of what you've been struggling with - each person is unique.  Saying that, you will experience major and life-changing (for the better) results in this 12 week mentoring as long as you participate and apply what you learn.

No, there are no 'have to's' in Tasting Freedom.  It is always your choice.

However, I do encourage you to use them as they support and accelerate the process significantly.  I cannot underscore how powerful they are!  Your experience and results will be all the greater for them.

If you don't have any, not to worry we'll sort that in your first call. 

If essential oils aren't your thing though, you will still get lots (and lots) out of the mentoring.

Yes, Tasting Freedom covers bingeing...and purging too if that applies to you.

IF your body is carrying extra weight, yes, following guidance in Tasting Freedom will lead to weight loss. 

However, this is not a mentoring focused on weight loss.  Weight loss is a natural outcome of your body returning to health and radiance. 

I believe that if one focuses on eating purely for weight loss, one will remain caught in eating habits that eventually cause weight gain.  They come hand-in-hand.

No, I don't.  That is far too limited.  Each body is unique and no 'one diet suits all.'  I give general guidelines on how to transition to healthy, whole-food eating but what foods suit your body, in particular, is for you to discover (with help from me, of course, you're not going to be abandoned).

Tasting Freedom works.

However, I understand that you may feel unsure to invest in a 6-week commitment if you haven't worked with me before.

That's why I offer a refund. 

Simply let me know that you don't wish to continue after your first session and I'll return your money with love.

Although I don't follow a specific religion, Eastern spirituality has been a central influence, especially that of India. 

In general, my experience has been broad and I draw on multiple faiths for understanding and inspiration.  The same Truth underlies the countless ways to God so I honour all religions, faiths, and paths back Home.

Tasting Freedom cultivates an intimate relationship with your Radiant Self - whatever you wish to call the divinity that resides in your Heart:  God, Goddess, Love, Beloved, The Universe, Higher Power, Higher Self...

Absolutely not, the vast majority of women who I work with don't have a clinical eating disorder and wouldn't consider themselves in danger of one. 

Most women who work with me are simply unhappy with their eating (and often their body), find themselves caught in sabotaging eating behaviour, or just know they could be so much happier with food and their body than they are.

Others are more profoundly unhappy and out of kilter with their body (like I was for a very long time till I discovered the way out). 

However mild or chronic, the material in Tasting Freedom is helpful to everyone.  And nothing is assumed or demanded of you regarding this.

I only work with a handful of clients at any one time so I can give my utmost attention to them.  As to when it will open again, it tends to be every couple of months or so. 

Please add your name to the waitlist and I'll make sure you're among the first to hear when some places open up.

Yes, you are welcome to message me HERE.  You are also welcome to avail of a 20 minute call with me if you'd like to meet me and discuss whether Tasting Freedom mentoring is suitable for you.

What you'll receive in
Tasting Freedom Mentoring ...

  • Access to an authentic and skilled teacher who can address your relationship with food on all levels of your being (and having been there herself, understands the struggle and challenges well).
  • 9 x One-to-One 90-minute sessions (via Zoom). These sessions are the heart of the mentoring and use the unique and all-encompassing Tasting Freedom Menu : which is essential if you wish to be free for life!
  • 1 x Liberating Astrology Session.  This in-depth session helps us uncover your emotional patterns, gifts, obstacles, life lessons and path of soul fulfillment.
  • Supporting pdfs, audios, videos and custom-designed meditations uploaded to your online portal with each session for ease of access.
  • WhatsApp support (text and voicemail).  I have your back when things are challenging or confusing!
  • Tools and techniques to support your emotional wellbeing so you can self-apply and empower yourself long after the course has finished. 
  • The Retraining Your Taste Buds Process.   An enjoyable and proven way to transition onto healthy food smoothly and without 'blowing it'.
  • The extraodinary and simple practice o Conscious Eating.  This transformative approach to food is so much more than mindfulness. 
  • Essential Oil Guidance.  Receive pointers, blends and information on therapeutic-grade essential oils to elevate and support your transformation.  
  • Once a client, always cherished.  Be among the first to receive news of upcoming courses and invitations to events, retreats and gatherings within the Nourishing Light Community.

Taste the Joy...


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