Would you like my personal help?

One of the most frustrating things can be in finding someone who has ‘been there, and out the other side’, who is willing to focus totally on you and your particular challenges and point you in the right direction. I remember longing to speak to someone like that! Someone who can answer the questions that are specific to your situation and can address your eating issues on all levels of your being. You know that if you can get some focused advice, if you can just get pointed in the right direction, then you’ll be back on track.

Usually, to get this help, you need to enrol in an intensive mentoring program that requires significant financial and time commitment. I know, because that's what I do now. I work with just a handful of people very closely from 3 to 9 months because that's how we get the best results. However, I’m aware that not everyone feels the need for a long-term mentoring programme or is able to commit to it financially, so few times a year, I open up my Mentoring Sessions. These are perfect for women who wish to have some personalised time with me and get pointed in the right direction.

These sessions are designed for people who are self-motivated and just need an opportunity to get help, get on track and get moving. Sound good to you?  Keep reading to see the session options and pricing. 

  • 1 Session of 2 Hours $175
    (all new clients begin with the 1 Session only as we need the full 2 hours to begin with, but existing clients can also avail of this longer session.)
  • 3 Sessions of 90 minutes,  $397 (to be used within 2 months)
  • 5 Sessions of 90 minutes each,  $627 (to be used within 3 months)
  • 8 Sessions of 90 minutes each, $927 (to be used within 4 months)

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