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Welcome, I'm Marisha Horsman, the founder of Nourishing Light,

and for the past twenty-six years, I've travelled the path of radiant nourishment.

I'm a holistic health coach, an Advanced EFT Practitioner, a Liberating Touch Practitioner and Detachment Facilitator, a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Yoga Nidra Practitioner. My long-term love and study of eastern philosophy, wholefood nutrition, essential oils, flower essences, yoga, qigong and astrology also deeply inform Nourishing Light.

Rollback over two decades: Always a smile on my face and the image of good fortune, but behind it all, I was in despair: trapped in a severe eating disorder, along with self-loathing and the constant sense that my body and my 'self' was not enough. At the age of 25, I could no longer hold it together for others or myself, I collapsed. 



Marisha Horsman

 My battle had begun young; by ten years old, I had become addicted to sugar to cope with physical fatigue and my overwhelming emotions. It developed into binge eating in my late teens; my weight ballooned, which only intensified my lack of self-worth. By the time I was 20, aided by some traumatic experiences, I was a full-blown bulimic, my weight wildly fluctuating as I struggled to cope. As my precious years of youth passed, I became more extreme with my body subjecting it to increasingly harsh regimes of over-exercise and restrictive eating. The battle with my body and food was relentless; along with the accompanying shame and guilt, it consumed my life and life force.

When I regained enough strength, I began to travel the world searching for an answer, a cure for my sabotaging behaviour; I trawled bookshops from Sydney to London to Kathmandu and visited therapists from Cape Town to Melbourne. My search took me onwards from Australia's rainforests to the monasteries of Thailand, to the sacred embrace of India.

Though what I found was helpful, either it didn't go deep enough, or it wasn't complete enough. At best, it offered temporary respite, only to find myself plunged back into the chaos of uncontrollable bingeing & purging, intense self-loathing and deep inadequacy. And I felt immense anguish because however hard I tried, I couldn't find a way out. What seemed to work for others, didn't work for me.

Sensing it was a soul cry, I longed to find someone who could address my evident disharmony on all levels ‚Äď physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Someone who'd been through it themselves and could speak from real experience. Frustratingly, I couldn't find that someone anywhere.


And then, on a fortnight stopover in an Indian ashram, I was invited to stay. Those two weeks became four years!  It was the missing link.

All the information, experiences and insights I garnered in the years previous had been valid, but now I had the inner support to bring it all together.  And I discovered the way out. To my surprise, as time passed, I found myself becoming the very person I had sought all those years prior.

For someone caught in extreme eating issues and body-shame for decades, I've now been free for over twenty years.

Partaking in the same liberation and joy doesn't require you to spend four years in an ashram or tens of thousands of pounds on travel, or the reading of hundreds of books, the years of studying different modalities, or going to dozens of therapists that it took me. All the tools, techniques and resources gathered over the past twenty-five years are brought together under Nourishing Light.  I invite you to begin the journey of radiant nourishment and taste the freedom it brings.

Marisha Horsman

I currently live under the blue (and sometimes grey) skies of Suffolk, UK, along with my beautiful daughter and our darling rescue dog, Winston, who believes that rubbing his tummy is the answer to everything.

The explorations continue whether on the transformational path or in a pair of wellies tramping the English countryside. And I am deeply grateful.


Ready to begin? Here are three ways to get started. 



 So much more than a detox...a month of transforming your relationship with food. 

Based on kindness, wholefood nourishment and listening to your body, we use the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils to elevate your wellbeing whilst you cleanse your body.



Be guided personally by Marisha and discover how to transform your relationship with food...for life! Learn simple and effective tools to free yourself from self-sabotaging behaviours using the Tasting Freedom Menu Framework.



Discover what you are here to learn and fulfill and how your astrological blueprint can help unlock your challenges with food and nourishment.

If you're in need of direction and understanding, this session is pure gold.

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