All information contained and offered by MARISHA HORSMAN (NOURISHING LIGHT), and the websites, including all courses, webinars, private sessions, group work, and social media should not be substituted in any way for proper diagnosis, treatment or advice from an appropriate health professional.

Furthermore, all information contained and offered within by MARISHA HORSMAN (NOURISHING LIGHT), including all courses, webinars, group work, website, and social media is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice, or used as a substitute for professional medical treatment.

The information provided is not meant to diagnose or treat eating disorders or any other mental illness. Diagnosis of, and treatment for, eating disorders or any other mental illness requires that you consult a doctor or other properly qualified mental health professional, and you are strongly encouraged to do so before embarking on any course offered by MARISHA HORSMAN (NOURISHING LIGHT).

The use of information provided by MARISHA HORSMAN (NOURISHING LIGHT) is solely at your own risk.  MARISHA HORSMAN (NOURISHING LIGHT) shall accept no liability for claims or damages to any party for any act or omission occurring in reliance on the information within this website and for any consequences of any such act or omission.

If you are under the age of 18 years, please consult with your legal guardian and a medical professional when considering treatment and treatment providers.


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