Seeking clarity?

Unsure in what direction to find your greatest fulfilment? 

Wish to understand your life from a higher perspective?  


For over twenty years, astrology has helped me to navigate through and rise above the toughest challenges of my life.

It continues to offer me clarity, reveal the deeper dynamics at play, underscore my higher purpose and point the direction in which I may find joy and fulfilment.

Most of all, astrology gives me the opportunity to embrace transformation and choose consciously.  I love offering the same helping hand to others through these sessions.

Liberating Astrology offers a dynamic and soul-centred exploration of your unique chart.


Your personal astrological chart is a blueprint of what you are here to learn, cultivate and transcend.

In these sessions, I combine interpretation, insight and guidance, to give you a greater understanding of this fundamental blueprint you were born with.

Together, we explore how this sculpts your experience of life and what you can do to achieve the highest manifestation of your unique expression so as ‘to become only what you can become’.

Of particular focus in Liberating Astrology, is the soul's growth path (or individual life purpose path) as represented by the nodal axis, which reveals:

What your soul has already mastered with its inherent gifts that you may not be aware of.

Old tendencies and comfort zones that that are blocking the manifestation of your fullest potential.

The direction you need to move towards, where your greatest fulfilment is ultimately to be found.

Throughout the Liberating Astrology session, the meanings of your personal planets are also woven in:

  • how your soul needs to express
  • your wounds
  • your emotional securities and reactions
  • the ways you relate and communicate
  • your passion and drive
  • where you shine!

(If appropriate, difficulties you maybe encountering at this time are also explored by looking at the affect of transiting planets.)

As particular tendencies, needs, gifts or obstacles are recognised, l give you tips and tools to release what is no longer serving you, as well as to cultivate and open to what is.

Ultimately, we are here to master our blueprint (chart) but until we become conscious of it and engage with it, we can remain caught as a passive recipient.

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I love calling Marisha for LA consultations... she has the ability to unlock the secrets within me, so that I can know myself better and embrace what lies ahead with knowing.

~RA, Hastings, UK

Marisha has a remarkable intuitive ability of interpretation that opened up new levels of understanding for me.

She cleared out the confusion, offering unrecognized opportunities for my journey. 

There was a definite shift in awareness and purpose.

~ HD, Texas, USA

I've had a couple of fantastic astrology sessions with Marisha, helping me to see what the challenges and opportunities are as well as what  I should be focusing on.

What's so brilliant about Marisha is that she can then recommend her wonderful aromatherapy oils (if you'd like), to help ease, motivate and protect.

So although I know I'm at the beginning of a massive personal challenge, I have the tools to help me step up - which many of us are being asked to do!   

~WK, Whitstable, UK

I found the astrology reading with Marisha to be informative and deeply intuitive. 

It has helped me understand myself and my path with better clarity.

She really understood and interpreted the chart so I could make better choices with all the influences at play and navigate my way forward with confidence.

~AK, Bexhill on Sea, UK