Experience a new and joyful relationship with food!

N O U R I S H I N G   L I G H T ' S 

Monthly Brunch Club

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Experience a new and joyful relationship with food!

N O U R I S H I N G 
L I G H T ' S 

Monthly Brunch Club

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Experience a deeper connection with food as nourishment.

Be inspired with wholefoods, all within a loving community.

Nourishing Light's Brunch Club meets live virtually every month; meaning wherever you are in the world you can join in! 

During these brunches, we practise Mindful Eating together, which is a form of eating meditation.  Your experience of food, eating, taste and satiation will change dynamically for the better ♥ 

Join me on a journey of transformation, nourishment, and fun where all of you is embraced and welcome...

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Straight away you will receive The 12 Mindful Eating Tips download in your inbox. You will also receive my Nourishing Light monthly newsletter with a whole food recipe early each month.  It will be followed up with an invite to join us via Zoom for our brunch (about an hour long). 

Choose to make the newsletter recipe or bring something else, a snack will do.  We will catch- up, discuss recipes, and I'll deep dive into one eating tip each month as well as give an overview of what we're doing :)

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You are invited to brunch with me...

Hello Lovely,

If we haven't met before, my name is Marisha Horsman, and it's wonderful to connect with you.

If you long to stop self-sabotaging eating behaviours, whilst establishing a joyful relationship with your body, then you're in the right place.

I'm a holistic health guide and accredited therapist, who overcame multiple & chronic eating issues, completely naturally... and elevated my health, happiness and life whilst doing so!

And I love to offer my experience, expertise, and the effective tools & tips that I've accumulated over the last twenty years, so you can find the freedom and joy as I have done.

All the years of travelling the world, studying holistic health modalities, learning from teachers, therapists and gurus, staying in retreats and attending workshops, the thousands of books (I kid you not) and precious moments of my own transformation are poured into Nourishing Light and the wellness that I share with others.

It would be a joy to host you for brunch.  No matter how great or small your disharmony with food is, you will find yourself welcomed, accepted and appreciated within our radiant community.

So give yourself some nurturing.  Sit down with us and learn how to transform your eating.

With love,


Join us for NOURISHING LIGHT'S Monthly Brunch Club

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You're probaby wondering why I'm doing this for free...

A few reasons:

1. It's a way I can connect with and support the Nourishing Light community on a regular basis. (Whom I care for dearly and find it increasingly difficult to catch-up with on an individual basis due to time constraints.)

2. It gives people who haven't experienced working with me a taste of what it feels like, whilst also gaining tangible benefits.  (Some of you may then choose to work deeper with me... :) )

3. I am by nature a giver and feel much happier offering something of dynamic use. (Versus asking you to join a webinar where I only talk about it!)

4.  This is just the beginning; it might not always be possible to offer the Monthly Brunch Club for free to newcomers. (However, if you sign up today, I guarantee that it will always be free for you.)

It's free to offer genuine support to the Nourishing Light community, to give newcomers a taste of transformation, a way for me to give generously and it by signing up today, it'll always be free for you.  So come join us!

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