From uncontrollable bingeing and purging, to breaking free from the binge cycle, without battling…

“I don't want to sound too excited or exaggerating in my enthusiasm, but I really need to tell you that no matter what happens in the future, NOW your course is the best thing that happened to me!”

~DK, Slovenia

Hello, it’s beautiful to welcome you here.

If you’re longing to break free from the cycle of bingeing & purging and lay the foundation for long-term recovery, then please keep reading.  Need to ask a question? You're welcome to contact me via [email protected].

Over the years of working with women, there is one struggle I hear over and over.

“This has been going on for years. I’ve tried so many times to stop and still it goes on. How do I break free from bingeing, so I don’t have to carry this secret shame?’

Are you Exhausted from Bingeing and Purging, Around and Around?

There is nothing more despairing, then sensing a fulfilling life free from the treadmill of bulimia, knowing you have the strength, and yet finding yourself once again in the midst of bingeing, and the treadmill starts again.

Meanwhile, you hear of other people moving into long-term recovery, and somehow, it isn’t happening for you. Even though you’ve tried just as hard.

It’s even more frustrating if you’ve been trying this for years, and STILL it goes it on. Despite your vows. No matter how determined you are.

The good news is, regardless of how many years you’ve battled, there is a way to achieve long-term recovery, and Rescue & Recovery guides you through it step-by-step.

Do One or More of These Ring True For you?

  • You promise yourself over and over that this is the last time, and yet it happens again, and it makes you feel so disheartened that you can’t keep your vow, and you feel like such a failure.
  • You’ve done all the ‘right’ things, even had days or weeks binge-free, and then you find yourself bingeing again, unable to stop and this makes you feel like ‘you’ve blown it’ which drives your further into the binge, and you have no idea what to do.
  • You wish to break free and yet you fear how are you going to cope without bingeing and it makes you feel confused and questioning whether you are ready for recovery after all.
  • You’re terrified of being found out, and it forces you into deceiving your friends and loved ones and which makes you feel even more ashamed, and fearful that you aren’t lovable.
  • Everyone around you thinks you’re healthy and happy, and you feel like a fraud because you know it’s not the truth, which makes it even harder to ask for help. Especially when others are looking up to you!
  • The solutions you’ve come across don’t seem to address the whole of you. You sense something deeper but can’t find resources you’re looking for and it makes you feel so frustrated. You long to find an answer which addresses the issue on every level of body, mind and spirit.
If one (or more) of the above feels familiar to you......

May Just Be The Answer You’ve Been Looking For,
To Finally Stop Bingeing
and Enter into Long-term Recovery.

“I found your course quite exceptional Marisha, the depth and breadth of it covered huge ground … I felt very much at home, safe and comfortable in your company and with the other ladies too."

~SE, Dublin


If you are a soul-seeking woman who longs to break-free from bingeing and purging, to live a joyous and soul-centred life, then this program is for you.

This simply means you are caught in the binge cycle and know you are destined for a fulfilling life – so you can do what you were born to do and be the truest expression of yourself. And you also know the first stage towards expressing your infinite potential is breaking the binge cycle so it’s not consuming your life!

Sound like you?

So why is this program for you?

Because, breaking the binge cycle is really hard to do on one’s own.

Yes, some people do get out quicker, but we’re all unique beings. There are different layers and causes for why we binge. And for some, it’s easier to unravel. For others, not so. It requires a deeper transformation, one that involves all levels of their being. And the path of transformation needs a guide, and a lighted way.

You need a process that addresses the causes on every level of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Rescue & Recovery is an essential part of that process.


Best Value - Pay in Full $297

Pay in Full

Make 3 payments of $117 each

Payment Plan

I Wish I Had This Program Twenty Years Ago


If we haven’t met yet, then...

Hello, I’m Marisha Horsman,the founder of NOURISHING LIGHT.


Over fifteen years ago, I broke free from the grip of bulimia and entered what I call Radiant Recovery. Which is long-term recovery but into a life more joyous, more meaningful and fulfilling than I could’ve ever imagined, and yet always sensed was possible in the innermost reaches of my being.

I did it naturally, without battling, and by addressing the eating disharmony on every level it became the path of deep transformation.

And whilst the bulimia was healed many years ago, the recovery keeps expanding into ever deepening understanding and joy.

But you know, things were not always that way...

Roll back over two decades:
Always a smile on my face, behind it all, I was a long-term sufferer of bulimia. Relentless, it consumed my life, and tortured me with intense shame and self-loathing. And I felt hounded by despair because however hard I tried, I just couldn’t find a way out. What seemed to work for others, didn’t work for me.

I traveled the world searching for an answer, a cure; trawled bookshops from London to Kathmandu, visited therapists from Capetown to Sydney. My search took me onwards from the rainforests of Australia, to the monasteries of Thailand, to the sacred embrace of India. Though what I found was helpful, either it didn’t go deep enough, or it wasn’t complete enough. At best, it offered temporary respite, only to find myself plunged back into the chaos of uncontrollable bingeing and purging.

Sensing it was a soul cry, I longed to find someone who could address the disharmony on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Someone who'd been through it themselves and could speak from real experience. Frustratingly, I couldn't find that someone anywhere.

And then, on a fortnight stopover in an Indian ashram, I was invited to stay. Those two weeks became four years! It was the missing link. All the information, experiences and insights I garnered in the years previous had been valid, but now I had the inner support to bring it all together. And I discovered the way out. To my surprise, I became the very person I’d been looking for.

Returning to the UK, I didn’t rush out to help others. If fact, I hid. There was a quiet knowing that my recovery had to be tried and tested, again and again, as well as my spiritual understanding to mature. For someone who was caught in bulimia for well over a decade, I’ve been free for over fifteen years.

In this time, I’ve been creating a process to get the same results for other women. A process that doesn’t require spending four years in an ashram, or the tens of thousands of pounds, hundreds of books and dozens of therapists that it took me. All the tools, techniques and information are gathered together. There is no quick fix for bulimia, but what I’ve created means you’ll recover in the swiftest time that is possible for you, with no ‘battling’ involved!

And Life feels Absolutely Amazing and Blessed!

This certainly did not happen overnight. It took me years to find the way out of bingeing and purging, into a soul-centred, fulfilling life.

And heaps more years to study, train and create as well as test a process to guide other women through the same.

Now, my heart’s calling is to help women just like you into radiant recovery, without battling, shame and medication. Because this is what I know best.

"Working with Marisha has been a great gift in my life. She is deeply compassionate, patient and clear. Her ability to hold a space in the midst of my struggle, gently guiding me through it, was a lifeline when I was lost and overwhelmed…"

~CB, New York


Best Value - Pay in Full $297

Pay in Full

Make 3 payments of $117 each

Payment Plan



  • How can I wind down a binge once I’ve started, and stop feeling so out of control?
  • How can I stop being triggered by eating itself and overcome the anxiety of putting any food in my mouth?
  • How do I prevent another binge starting after I’ve purged, and stop the cycle spiralling even longer, and the disconnect that accompanies it?
  • How can I cope with that emotions that lead to my binges and stop feeling the bingeing is the only way I can get through life’s challenges?
  • How can I protect my body whilst I still binge? I’m so scared that I’m doing irreparable damage.
  • How do I know when my body is hungry, and when it is satiated? I think I’ve done irreparable damage to it.
  • How can I deal with binge urges, and overcome the overwhelming feeling I must give into them? They feel so intense.
  • How can I find my centre when in the midst of such chaos, and stop feeling such a failure?
  • … and much more.

The Bottom Line

You’ll emerge as someone who has broken the cycle of bingeing & purging and is well on the way to long-term recovery. Someone who is unashamed, no longer despairing and knows what it feels like to be connected with their deeper power.

You’ll have a system to help you in your moments of crisis, as well as skills and tools you can apply to all areas of your life. You will sense joy being unleashed as your connection and confidence increases in your movement towards Radiant Recovery.

The transformation you go through as a result of Rescue & Recovery will create a ripple effect that flows on to your family and friends. Inner nourishment is contagious!


“Also I wanted to tell you that on Sunday we had lunch with my boyfriend’s family and for the first time I managed not to overeat and not to throw up after it. I also ate everything I wanted as much as I wanted…but also I wanted to feel ok after it. And I did it! So so proud of myself and thankful to you!”

~DK, Slovenia

Rescue & Recovery is unique, in that it offers relief when you need it most –

when you’re right there in the midst of binge cycle –

AND it lays the foundation for long-term recovery.

Which is why it’s called Rescue & Recovery !

Let’s Talk Details
Here’s What We’ll Cover During Each Module…

Module #1: A Dynamic Beginning

  • How a faulty perception sets you up for failure. You’ll be given a greater understanding of what your eating disharmony is really about, and that changes everything!
  • What you’re doing, that everyone does who is trying to get out, that you need to stop. This will prevent you from falling into the same trap over and over.
  • What you need to put in place to open that magic door to recovery. A gorgeous meditation is included to help you do this.

Module #2: During the Binge

  • Simple steps you can implement right in the middle of the binge. These steps will reduce binge length as well as severity and are capable of halting a binge in its tracks altogether.
  • Why bingeing is part of recovery. This frees you from an impossible idea and huge anxiety which drives you further into the binge.
  • The one tool you already have that can make all the difference in a moment! It’s handsfree and can be used anywhere, at anytime!
  • The last step helps you access deeper help by bypassing the conscious mind. This technique offers profound opportunities for transformation.

“Just being in Marisha's presence is calming. She is a truly gifted healer and the techniques really do work… She also gives you the skills be able to work on yourself.”

~WK, London

Module #3: After the Binge

  • Clear steps on what to do and not to do after the binge. These ensure you support your body & mind and prevent the binge cycle looping.
  • How to stop purging. Includes a Purging Protection pdf which gives you vital information on taking care of the body as long purging does continue.
  • The coping method that EVERYONE does which guarantees you will binge again. And what to do instead: with additional pdf support to help you put this in place.
  • The super handy Emotional Harmonising Sequence. Enabling you to transform the negative emotions that haunt you After the Binge.

Module #4: Before the Binge

  • Delves into the deeper causes of your bingeing and what you need to put in place to break the binge cycle long-term.
  • The power of Conscious Eating. This method will help you navigate mealtimes and hear satiation signals.
  • Awareness Journals – why they are much more effective than a food journal. Includes insightful pdfs on Hunger Types and Binge Behaviours.
  • Befriending the Binge Urge. How to turn the urge into an ally to break the cycle itself!
  • Why neural pathways are integral to recovery. How to rewire them to free you from the past and reclaim a life of innate positivity and self-belief.

The Secret To Success… Support & Community

Getting the very best results out of this course requires that you’re not alone whilst working through it.

Which is why Rescue & Recovery has it’s own secret Facebook Group. This is a safe, kind and non-judgemental place for you to share your challenges and celebrations.

There you can ask me questions and receive extra tips and support from me.

The Facebook Group provides a loving, accepting and like-minded community which is vital to establishing true recovery. Community uplifts, motivates, confirms and sustains our healing journey.
No one will know that the group even exists other than you and the others that are in it. You never need to be alone.



Best Value - Pay in Full $297

Pay in Full

Make 3 payments of $117 each

Payment Plan

How Is RESCUE & RECOVERY Delivered?

  • All the modules of Rescue & Recovery are released in succession. This means you can work at the pace you wish and have access to the information you need at critical moments.
  • The Bonus EFT Module is also released so you can start learning this amazing technique immediately. More on this bonus below!
  • It’s in audio and pdf format. The audios mean you can listen wherever and whenever you wish. The pdfs provide extra support and information.
  • Each module is followed by a simple multi-answer questionnaire for you to self-assess how much you’ve absorbed. No judgement here, it’s purely to help integrate your learning into understanding and action and for me to see where extra support is required.
  • Essential oil tips with each module. Support and accelerate your transformation and ease the journey with Nature’s angels in a bottle.
  • Plus so much more…

Everything You Need to Break Free from the Binge Cycle!

Which  means  that  you  could  be  mere  minutes  away  from  kick-starting  your  journey  to  recovery, with a mentor who has been there and is teaching from experience.

Someone who has recovered over fifteen years ago and has tried and tested her recovery again and again.

Who has poured years of study into honing the best skills and tools to enable you.

A mentor who walks her talk: who has done and continues to do the inner work and doesn’t profess to be in some enlightened state, but feels honoured to walk beside you. And with a supportive community, full of like-minded women, so you’re never alone.


Best Value - Pay in Full $297

Pay in Full

Make 3 payments of $117 each

Payment Plan


"Working with Marisha, has been transformative for me, on many levels... I would highly recommend Marisha"

~AB, London

I know this system works. So that’s why I back this program fully.

Take 30 days to listen to the first couple of modules, do the questionnaires, and partake in the meditations. Join the members' only Facebook group and let us help you take action.

After so many unsuccessful attempts to break free, it’s easy to expect to get let down and to give up early…so my guarantee challenges you to take action for at least 30 days.

If you have listened to the first two modules and done the accompanying questionnaires and and it’s still not for you, then I’ll refund your money with love.


Because I'm committed to your success and really wish to help you establish the foundation for long-term recovery as well as help you at the most critical moments of the cycle, I’m giving you:

The EFT Training Module plus FREE monthly Tapping Support Calls

Priceless help!

This simple but amazingly effective technique will be a game changer for you emotionally. This tool is easy to learn and can be applied for immediate benefits. It will transform your doubts, release those emotions that hold you hostage in the cycle and rewire your neural pathways to support your recovery.

  • Consists of audios and pdfs to train you in self-application of the technique, you can use this straight away!
  • Includes easy to follow Tapping Scripts that will help you release Resistance to Recovery (which practically everyone experiences, it’s almost a necessary rite of recovery), and reduce Cravings…
  • Plus a monthly group Tapping Support call with me, where we come together to tap and ‘Borrow Benefits’ which is a way we experience personal relief whilst supporting another’s tapping. If you can’t join, the call is recorded and is available via a link to those in the Rescue & Recovery program only. These calls are incredible community support.


Best Value - Pay in Full $297

Pay in Full

Make 3 payments of $117 each

Payment Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join, you will have immediate access to all the modules, to work through in your own time. Access to each track opens on the completion to the previous, as the program is designed to systematically dismantle your binge cycle.

You will also gain immediate access to the bonus EFT Training Module, which you can start listening to straight away.

You can join right now — all you need to do is click on one of our “Pay in Full or Payment Plan” buttons and you can get started today! 

Rescue & Recovery will be open from now on. 

Joy happens. That, and a series of emails with your login details, guidance on how to make the most of the course, and an invitation to join the secret Facebook group – I look forward to meeting you there.

Yes, absolutely. I am in the private Facebook Group throughout the week answering questions and guiding you through the modules. 

If you can set aside 30 minutes a day for working through this course, you will get awesome results. Some days, you can devote less time. 30 minutes includes listening to a track, studying the pdfs, doing the exercises involved.

Most audio tracks are around 10 minutes long. I ask you to listen to at least one track a day, you can repeat the same track from the day or days before. Make listening to the tracks a daily habit.

If you’re going to create change you’re going to have to do some work. Only by implementing what you learn into your life will you get results. 

RESCUE & RECOVERY is aimed to help bulimics, however the course has proved helpful for women who experience chronic bingeing. 90% of the course will be applicable to you. You are welcome to try, and avail of the 30-Day Guarantee.

Absolutely not. There is no reason to stop medication to benefit from this course. Work closely with your primary healthcare provider as you move through the modules, and allow them to advise you in making any necessary changes in your medication.

No. You need to be eating and not suffering from severe weight-loss. If you’ve had anorexia prior to becoming bulimic, then I strongly recommend that you see your primary healthcare provider and ask them to ascertain whether this course would be suitable for you.

Yes! Contact me through the Contact Page and I’ll get back to you asap.

Yes, there is. To help you cash flow this investment, you can get started today for only one payment of $117 then 2 further monthly payments of $117. Or you can save and get the “Pay-in-Full” price for only $297.

Yes, there is. After so many unsuccessful attempts to break free, it’s easy to expect to get let down and to give up early…so my guarantee challenges you to take action for at least 30 days.

Take 30 days to listen to the first couple of modules, do the questionnaires, and partake in the meditations. Join the members' only Facebook group and let us help you take action.

If you have listened to the first two modules and done the accompanying questionnaires and it’s still not for you, then I’ll refund your money with love


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