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What therapies and modalities do you use in the sessions?

Practical and dynamic, each session is geared towards resolving your most pressing needs and challenges...and empowering your transformation to live an nourished life.

In them, I'll guide you on how to balance your body and your eating, teach you skills and techniques to harmonise your emotions and rewire your thinking, as well as facilitate your connection to your innermost truth. 

I draw on a range of modalities to support and guide you:

Wholefood Nutrition

Essential Oils

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - you might have heard of this as 'Tapping'

Jin Shin Jyutsu - a healing art from Japan which works with the body-mind connection through harmonising the energy currents in the body

Liberating Touch - a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques to restore Wholeness, Truth & Love at the centre point of your life and understanding


Yoga & Qigong

How are you different from other therapists that help women with their body and eating issues?

Through NOURISHING LIGHT,  each woman is seen as being her own most valuable healer. They are the ones that free themselves. My role is as a guide and mentor to awaken her capacity to harmonise herself, as well as provide the tools, skills, support, information and inspiration required.

NOURISHING LIGHT is holistic. That means it embraces the whole person... and it respects the battle with the body and resulting eating disharmony is not something to be got rid, but an experience that has evolved from imbalances throughout ones being. Ultimately, to heal it is to understand what is it pointing to…where have we become unaligned in ourselves…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Everything in this Universe is interdependent and linked, the applies to ourselves too. The holistic approach is to go to the cause, and not see the ‘problem’ (I prefer the word ‘project’) as an isolated incidence, while we also attend to the overt symptoms at the same time. If a therapy goes no further than the purely practical aspects of 'what you need to do to get rid of it', it tends to only get you so far and for a limited time. That's why body and eating issues, seen purely as ' problems', can seem so impossible to budge. They resist us because we oppose them.

Another thing that makes NOURISHING LIGHT distinctive is the focus in rewiring our neural pathways in the brain. Many relapses in behaviour…no matter how long or short… are due to our old emotional tendencies and belief patterns reasserting themselves. This is either because they haven’t been worked through or because no new skills to cope with overwhelming experiences have replaced the old way with dealing with things – so we revert to what we know. With this understanding, you can see how neural pathways are necessary for long-term transformation.

And it’s easy to learn how to rewire neural pathways: you don't have to be an expert to use them. In NOURISHING LIGHT I provide the means for women to immediately start rewiring their brain for positive change instead of being enslaved to the self-destructive thoughts, reactions and behaviours that are running their world. The journey from Emotional Hostage to Emotional Mastery is essential for freedom, if you remain an emotional hostage, then at some point your old means of coping is going to pull you back into the only way it knows how!

And of course, there’s the focus on the spiritual also. The mind cannot transform itself alone. To achieve true and lasting transformation, we all must go within at some point -- to connect with the intelligence that is prior to mind. Otherwise, there are temporary bandages, but no lasting healing. Until you go deeper than it, you can't master the mind, and it will keep making mischief in all areas of your life. When you do go deeper, something magical happens, you begin to align with the source of creation itself, the unifying force of everything, that permeates and contains all. As you begin to tap into that limitless ocean of Oneness, it re-establishes your unique expression in the world. This is what I mean from From Soul-Searching to Soul-Centred. Your life radiates and resounds from that centre of you, instead of a being a series of reactions and reflections of your old experiences, beliefs and emotions. Powerful stuff, yes?

Lastly, there is the focus on nourishment, of our entire being. Despite high standards of living in most Western countries, many of us are desperately malnourished. We hunger for it, we long for it, we seek it, but in the wrong places. Our perceptions on what it is have become distorted and so we need help and guidance in remembering it. When we live a nourished life, joy arises! A feeling of completeness and contentment.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to NOURISHING LIGHT?

Well, that’s a question which could have a very long answer …NOURISHING LIGHT has evolved out of my own recovery from chronic eating issues and body-loathing which included 10 years of bulimia, orthorexia and anorexia.  It also encompasses two decades of studying and practising as a holistic therapist with my prime focus in helping women with their relationship with food and their body.

The term ‘NOURISHING LIGHT’ came to me in the early years of my recovery with the realisation I was becoming the person I had been seeking for many years. Someone who could address the healing of eating and body issues on every level of one’s being, someone who had been through it themselves and truly understood what it felt like. However, it’s taken many years of study, personal development, training, spiritual practice and recovery for NOURISHING LIGHT to manifest into the fullness of what it is now.

(You can find out more about my story at the About Marisha page.)

I've noticed throughout your website, you refer to 'eating disharmonies'... is this the same as 'eating disorders'?

No and yes!

'Eating disharmony' is a term I use to refer to when we are out of harmony with our relationship with food.  However mild or severe that is.

A milder imbalance could be, for example, irresistible sugar cravings.  A severe imbalance, on the other hand, might be bulimia or orthorexia which are clinical categorisations of eating disorders.

'Eating disharmony' embraces the idea that there's an interconnected and subtle relationship between nourishment, body, mind and spirit. This balance is essentially human and I coined the term because I felt this broader and kinder dimension of understanding physical nourishment was lacking.

It emphasises that there's an essential harmony at the heart of our reality, and the invitation is always open to re-establish that sacred dance in the way we nourish ourselves. 

Do you need to suffer from a serious eating issue to have sessions with you?

Absolutely not!  NOURISHING LIGHT is embracing of all women who struggle with their body, their eating and their self.  Our eating disharmony is reflective of our individual battle with our body as well as our ability to nourish ourselves on all levels of our being.   

Most women in Western cultures have some form of eating issues - whether that's emotional eating, compulsive eating, yoyo dieting, fear of certain foods, sugar addiction, bingeing, purging which includes excessive exercise as compensation for calorie intake, an inability to eat healthily, or restriction.  

And NOURISHING LIGHT goes much further than addressing physical nourishment, it explores and reharmonises the emotional, mental and spiritual roots of the disharmony.

And lastly, just because your eating disharmony may not seen as 'serious' doesn't mean you're not suffering from it.  The battle with the body takes on many guises of unhappiness.

If you're unsure whether you'll benefit from a session with me, you're welcome to message me via my Contact page and ask me directly.

Who are your clients?

NOURISHING LIGHT is for women who recognise it’s their responsibility to show up and take action if they wish to change. No one can do that for them.  I can guide, support, inform, teach, inspire...but ultimately it's up to you to do what is necessary to free yourself.

These women are weary of pretending to be what they're not, there's a yearning for authenticity in their lives. What they are might not be clear yet; still they find the idea of transformation exciting (though maybe also a little scary!).

They sense there’s so much more to them then what is currently experienced and have a wish to invest in themselves, in their best self, so they may live their life to it's fullest expression.

One significant marker that comes up, again and again, is that they've had enough of suffering. So, they're willing – even though they might not feel completely ready– to face their discomfort. It might seem scary to face your pain, but that's where the gold is!

These women are prepared to prioritise their transformation. They’ve realised how vital this priority is, because their whole life – their relationships, their family, their work, their experiences, their expression, their creativity, their happiness and their future are affected by this decision.

Also, above I spoke about an approach that involves the whole self. So ideally, the person coming into NOURISHING LIGHT is open to the possibility, however small, to work with the inner Self.


Where do I begin?

If this is your first session, then please begin with a Deep Dive session.  It's two hours long and facilitates enough time for me to understand your background and unique issues as well as time for us to get working on a specific challenge.

You will be required to answer a series of questions when scheduling our meeting so that we can get into the heart of the session swiftly!

After the initial Deep Dive session, you can continue working with me by purchasing a package of 90-minute sessions or continuing with individual Deep Dives.  However, you'll get a lot more out of your Nourishing Light sessions if you invest in a series so that we have consistency and continuum to work through the layers together.

There are different packages to suit different needs and budgets.  Further details can be found on the Nourishing Light Sessions booking page.

How quickly can I expect results?

You will receive immediate benefits from your very first 'Deep Dive'.  And you'll be given key points to continue working with after the session.  However, the root causes of our issues take time to work through, so you're not going to resolve your body and food struggles in one go.  Depending on how disharmonised your relationship with your body and with nourishing it is, you'll need to continue with a series of sessions to manifest long-term transformation.

How long do I need to have sessions with you?

For each woman the answer will be different. It’s dependent on so many things, eg. how chronic your nourishment issue is, how much work you've already done on yourself, the contributing causes to your body and eating struggles, your support system, whether you’re working with other therapists, how much stress you have in your life, whether there’s deep trauma to work through, how much responsibility is on your shoulders.

For some women who've done lots of transformational work on themselves, one session is enough to get them 'back on track', other women need a few sessions to re-establish harmony, and others will need an extended period of sessions and close guidance to work through their challenges. 


How do we connect for our calls?

Zoom is the software for our calls. If you haven't used it before, Zoom is a video conferencing app. Simple to install and use, Zoom is highly encrypted against hacking. I also lock the meeting so no one can interrupt us online and it provides the option of recording the session if you wish (your preference).

Simply click on the link that you will be sent once you've scheduled your session and the Zoom software will automatically download onto your computer, tablet or phone (sometimes iphones can be tricky, so I recommend that you use your computer if possible.)

If for whatever reason Zoom is not an option for you, we can hold the session via a phonecall.  However, we communicate with more than our words and I like to be able to see you as well as hear you!


Am I required to use dōTERRA essential oils to work with you?

Yes, I’ve seen such incredible results with them that to not include them means you're getting less than the best resources I can offer. If you already have a dōTERRA account, that’s okay, there’s no need to set up a new one.

If you don't have an account, we'll make sure to set a wholesale account for you so you can receive your oils at the best possible price.  We can do this for you via a free Get Going With Your Oils call, after our initial Deep Dive session (as we will have identified which oils will support you best at this time).

Do you accept credit cards?


Do you accept PayPal?


Okay, I’d love to have a Deep Dive session with you. How do we get started?

Click Here and it will take you to the Nourishing Light Sessions booking page.  When you've booked your Deep Dive session, you will directed to schedule your time with me.  Before your time is confirmed, you will be asked a few brief questions so that I can prepare for our call and we can maximise our time together :)

I love the sound of NOURISHING LIGHT sessions, but my finances are really restricted at present, can I receive any help from you?

Yes, please join Nourish Your Life – NOURISHING LIGHT’s private Facebook group, for inspiration, tips, guidance and community.

I also encourage you to download my free Nourish by Scent eBook and draw on the oils for support. Please don’t underestimate the power of these oils to spark a transformation in your life!  There's no need or pressure to order all at once, start with a couple. Because they are so pure, a little bit goes a very long way. You're also welcome to book a free Get Going With Your Oils session with me, and together we can pinpoint what oils will help you most to begin with.

I’m ready to do this but I have a couple of additional questions.

You're welcome to contact me directly Here at my Contact page.

Would you like to chat?

Do you have more questions? Let's have a short, free, no obligation (or selling) call to get to know each other. Just 30 minutes for us to meet and BOTH decide whether I am the right fit for you to work with. Nothing to lose...everything to gain. 🌞

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