What if the battle with your body could be the portal to your greatest happiness? 

From Eating Disharmony to Eating in Harmony
From Emotional Hostage to Emotional Mastery
From Soul-Seeking to Soul-Centred

The Way of NOURISHING LIGHT empowers you to break free from battling with food and your body, so you may live the fulfilling and joyous life you yearn for and sense most intimately inside.

You are strong, compassionate, and you long for more meaning than to be enslaved to and sabotaged by diets, body image and binges. You hunger to genuinely express all that you truly are, even if that isn’t totally clear to you now, and in all likelihood, it won’t be at the moment. But that life you sense, is not lost. It is there shining within you, under the layers of self-negating beliefs, fixed emotions, habitual thinking and compulsive behaviour.

It’s not about pushing all that is covering your pure expression away, it’s about unravelling back. As you do, you gain wisdom, clarity, and authenticity…and the freedom to become your fullest expression of that which has never been lost:  The ocean of Love of which you are never apart.

NOURISHING LIGHT  is a clear process to address your eating disharmony holistically. It is practical. Giving you the tools, information and support to break free from the war with your body, and the obsessive relationship with food.

And it is so much more. By unraveling your eating disharmony, it becomes the path of transformation: it leads you to ‘find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against’ Love.

Real. True. Infinite and All-Encompassing Love.

This Love then can manifest in all areas of your life.

Therefore, through nourishing you from the inside out as well as the outside in, NOURISHING LIGHT leads you to that greater journey of Love itself, that is forever expanding in understanding and experience.

Where you can discover, express and manifest what you were born to do.

Where you’re not hijacked by the past, but are actually wiser, stronger and more compassionate for it.

Where that immense energy that you’ve turned in on self-destruct, serves to radiate into creation, with all the force of your beauty of being here.

And you live from that place of joy – a joy that is not dependent on the world, and yet is free to dance in the world.

This is Radiant Recovery.  The Recovery of your true Self, in all it's dynamic expression. 

There is no eating disharmony left to be managed or controlled; it has been transformed on all levels of your being.


NOURISHING LIGHT is not everyone’s path. We are all unique beings and our adversities have different causes and reasons. However, for some of us, our struggle with our body and nourishment is a soul cry. Some of us who are caught in battling our body are here to wake up to the fullest expression of ourselves, to know that most intimate part of our being, to live a Heart-centred life. And the seemingly endless grip of self-loathing is that wake-up call.

How do you know if NOURISHING LIGHT
is your path?

  • You’ve tried the conventional ways, and they just didn’t address your issue fully. They didn’t work.
  • You’ve been looking for a way through for some time and it’s evaded you.
  • You’ve suffered enough, meaning you are willing to do and to face whatever you must do and face to recover. You are ready for the inner work!
  • You don’t wish to go down the medication route. NOURISHING LIGHT is holistic – meaning not only does it address every level of your being, but it’s all natural too.
    (If you are already on medication, you can still use the resources of NOURISHING LIGHT, but please check with your main healthcare provider before beginning to make sure it’s suitable for you.)
  • You just have this feeling that it’s about something deeper than the help you’ve received so far.
  • You have a growing interest or already an avid interest in holistic living e.g. Finding yourself drawn to holistic places and activities such as wholefood shops, yoga, essential oils, reiki…
  • You long to be seen and accepted for the true light you are and yet you’re not always sure what that is!
  • You sense that you’re here to do something bigger than what your life is currently offering, you can sense the creative power, but have no idea how to access it and how to manifest it.
  • You yearn for unconditional Love and the freedom to be authentically you.

Feel NOURISHING LIGHT might be the path for you?

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