Eating In Harmony

Eating In Harmony

5 weeks to freedom

from the struggle with food.


(Without willpower, rules or counting anything...)

“I don't want to sound too excited or exaggerating in my enthusiasm, but I really need to tell you that no matter what happens in the future, NOW your course is the best thing that happened to me!”

~DK, Slovenia


My name is Marisha, and it’s wonderful to connect with you here.

If you long to stop self-sabotaging eating behaviours, whilst establishing a joyful relationship with your body, then you're in the right place!

I'm a holistic health coach and accredited therapist, who overcame multiple eating issues, including a serious eating disorder, completely naturally. 

And I love to offer my experience, expertise, and the effective tools & tips that I've accumulated over the last twenty years, so women just like you can find the freedom and joy as I have done. 

This is not about managing an issue, this is about transforming it!


Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • You find yourself vowing again and again that you will change your eating behaviour, to no avail. (We all know this one.  - sigh!)
  • You’ve done all the ‘right’ things, even had days or weeks of healthy eating and then you find yourself bingeing, and feel  ‘you’ve blown it’.
  • You wish to stop eating foods that you know don't do you any good, like sugar or potato chips, but find yourself reaching for them anyway, and then you keep going back for more.
  • Once you start eating, you find yourself unable to stop, whether it's a meal or a snack, it goes on and on.
  • As soon as 'something' happens, you find yourself in front of the fridge or opening cupboards!
  • You're tired of your weight and your resulting self-esteem yoyo-ing as you think you've found the long-term answer, only to discover it was a short-term fix.
If yes, then ...

Eating In Harmony

May just be the answer you’ve been looking for,
to finally stop self-sabotage
and enter a joyous relationship with food.

“I found your course quite exceptional Marisha, the depth and breadth of it covered huge ground … I felt very much at home, safe and comfortable in your company and with the other ladies too."

~SE, Dublin

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Course - $247

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Let's Talk About the BENEFITS

because honestly, without these, what's the point!

The guidance and tools offered in Eating In Harmony give way more benefits than I can list! 

Here's some:

  • Make food choices that are aligned with health and happiness, without having to force and 'control yourself' ever again!
  • Hearing satiation clearly and being able to put the fork down effortlessly instead of guessing or feeling like you're about to pop!
  • Eat without fear, shame and compulsion - and instead experience joy and freedom with your food choices!
  • Break the endless cycle of binge behaviour and wave 'goodbye' to the despair and fatigue that goes along with it!
  • Live without the burden of  'food rules', counting calories or measuring every last gram so you can go out for dinner or to a birthday celebration without the anxiety of what's going to end up in your tummy.
  • Discern TRUE hunger, so you're not enslaved to clever food company tricks to get you to eat more!
  • Identify the beliefs and emotions that are bound up with your eating habits and know-how to unravel them, so they don't lead you down the path of self-sabotage, again.
  • Be free from the mastery and misery of food cravings!  (So you don't find yourself filling your mouth full of something that you know isn't doing you any good.)
  • Discover all the time, energy, creativity and happiness that is released when food is no longer a big deal so you can get on with living your fullest potential!


"Working with Marisha has been a great gift in my life. She is deeply compassionate, patient and clear. Her ability to hold a space in the midst of my struggle, gently guiding me through it, was a lifeline when I was lost and overwhelmed…"

~CB, New York

Here’s what we’ll cover in the course!

Module #1: Power & Perception

  • How a faulty perception is undermining your attempts to find balance with food. Once you have a clear understanding of what your eating struggle is, everything changes!
  • What you’re doing, that everyone does because we all think it's the answer, that causes you to fall into the same potholes over and over.
  • There is power that we can cultivate which is far more effective and doesn't set you up for failure.  
  • After this module, you will be on the right trajectory towards a whole new relationship with food: on course to leave the endless loop of sabotaging behaviour.

Module #2: Your Body's Wisdom

  • Our relationship with our body, directly affects our relationship with how we nourish ourselves.  And this is what this module focuses on! 
  • From distrust and control we move towards embracing it's inherent wisdom.  And how to hear it!
  • You'll learn about the different hungers, how they are impacting your food choices and how to discern what hunger is true or not.
  • With this module, you'll really notice a difference in how you care for your body (which includes what you put in it).  And you'll also discover what it's really about!

“Just being in Marisha's presence is calming. She is a truly gifted healer and the techniques really do work… She also gives you the skills be able to work on yourself.”

~WK, London

Module #3: Nourish Your Body

  • Why Nourishment is a much bigger affair than macronutrients...even bigger than what we put in our mouths!  
  • We begin to explore the causes of those pesky cravings!  
  • Why blood sugars are all important if you wish to free yourself from compulsive eating, and how to balance them.
  • We bust a big Myth in this one regarding the quest for the perfect diet.
  • The key diet pointer that bans confusion and makes food choices so much easier!
  • How to transition from processed to healthy foods without 'blow outs'.

Module #4: Conscious Eating

  • And the transformation continues, this module is a powerhouse!
  • Mindful eating  will help you navigate mealtimes from a place of calm instead of stress.  
  • Address  your ability to hear your body's satiation signals...and put the fork down effortlessly!
  • This module begins the deep process of unravelling what is underneath your eating  habits. 
  • How presence 'in' the body, transforms our eating experience in many ways.

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Course - $247 (Beta Offer)

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Module #5: Establishing The Harmony

  • This is where we take the foundations we've learned and start applying it directly to compulsive eating.
  • We continue to explore cravings, the persistent ones that haven't been resolved within the other modules.
  • We address binges: how to handle and disengage the cycle. Includes how to turn the urge to binge into an ally to break the pattern!
  • Why neural pathways are integral to our eating behaviours. And how you can rewire them to free yourself from emotional eating, and habitual behaviour.
  • This module comes with optional training for those who purge.
  • This is a big module, full to the brim with tips and techniques to disengage sabotaging eating behaviour, and will take place over two weeks.

How Is Eating In Harmony Delivered?

  • Eating In Harmony is a LIVE ONLINE COURSE.  Taking place via Zoom over 5 weeks, with 6 main sessions altogether. 
  • All sessions will be recorded so you can catch up with the replay if the time doesn't suit your schedule.
  • The online sessions will be supported with Pdfs and Audios.  These will be released weekly at the same time as the replays and will be in your online portal.
  • Your own Private Portal which gives you lifetime access to the replays and resources for the course. 
  • Two Live and Recorded Q&A sessions.
  • BONUS E-book 'Nourish By Scent'Harness the transformational power of Nature to support your journey.  More on this bonus below!
  • BONUS EFT Training Module.  This is an amazing tool to aid unravelling the emotional causes of your sabotaging behaviours and establish neural pathways to support your eating transformation! 
  • BONUS Join the Nourishing Light Community.  This online community is by invitation only and is for support, inspiration and extra help on the way of radiant nourishment. The power of community can make all the difference.

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Course - $247

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"Working with Marisha, has been transformative for me, on many levels... I highly recommend Marisha"

~AB, London

Eating In Harmony works.  That’s why it comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee. 

This period of grace begins from the commencement of the course so you have 30 days to experience the course before making your decision.

Listen to the sessions, join the community, follow the directions and if you don't experience positive benefits, let me know and I'll refund your money without quibbles (I love that word!).


BONUS 1:  Nourish By Scent Ebook 

Interested in supporting your transformation, naturally, easily and enjoyably?

Welcome to the wonderful and nurturing embrace of Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils!

I know ‘easily & enjoyably’ can sound too good to be true, however, the capacity of 100% pure and 100% potent essential oils is phenomenal...and they smell divine and simple to use.  Over and over, I've witnessed, and experienced, the power of these little helpers in a bottle.

This ebook gives you an overview of the essential oils that my clients have found to be particularly supportive.  For example, you will find out which oils will help:

  • Curb sugar cravings
  • Release shame
  • Alleviate bloat
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Facilitate digestion
  • Diminish the negative self-talk
  • Hear your body's signals

When I began integrating them into NOURISHING LIGHT over four years ago, there was a substantial difference in the transformational results my clients were having, both in speed and in scope.

I wish you to have the same results too, which is why I'm giving this ebook as a bonus.


BONUS 2: The EFT Training Module 

Priceless help!

This simple but amazingly effective technique will be a game changer for your emotional eating and the negative beliefs that keep sabotaging behaviour in place.

This tool is easy to learn and can be applied for immediate benefits.

It will help to transform your resistance, release those emotions that hold you hostage and rewire your neural pathways towards health and harmony.

  • Consists of audios and pdfs to train you in self-application of the technique.
  • Includes easy to follow Tapping Scripts that will help you release cravings and trust your body!
  • You will be able to join in on any upcoming NOURISHING LIGHT support call and 'borrow benefits'...(which is when we personally receive benefits from tapping together as a group.)

Join Eating In Harmony Now!

Course - $247

Yes, I'm in!

Frequently Asked Questions

The next Eating In Harmony begins on  16th February and runs through till 25th March. 

It consists of 6 weekly Live sessions (beginning at 15.00 GMT), of 90 minutes each.  All sessions will be recorded and available for replay.

There will also be two Q&A sessions, to be scheduled nearer the date.

You will also receive supporting pdfs and audios.


Eating In Harmony  will run again maybe later in the year but will be offered with a significant price increase.  This is the first launch of the material being offered in this way, so I'm keeping the price low to reflect that.

Joy happens!  That, and you will receive a confirmation email, and a little later you'll be sent a link to download your bonus ebook. 

The course doesn't begin till early November, so please don't worry if you don't hear from me for a little while.  I will keep you updated and look forward to connecting with you! 

You can contact me any time via this link:

Yes, absolutely. There are two Live Q&A sessions, which will be recorded.  If you aren't able to attend Live, you will be sent an email leading up to the session to submit any questions you have.

For support or tech issues you will be able to contact me directly via this link:

Because all sessions will be recorded, and additional materials will be available in your online portal, it's up to you.

However, if you wish to follow Live:

Direct time: There are weekly 90 minute LIVE sessions. Because they're recorded you can listen later in the day or week at a time that suits you if the LIVE slot doesn't work for you.

There will be a couple of LIVE Q&A sessions (also recorded) which will be scheduled nearer the time.

Indirect time: All that I offer is to be integrated directly into your daily life...and so it depends on you as to how much you wish to do that.

Yes.  Eating In Harmony covers bingeing, whether mild or chronic.  I also offer optional help for women who are caught in purging.

IF your body is carrying extra weight, yes, following guidance in Eating In Harmony  will lead to weight loss. 

However, this is not a course focused on weight-loss.  Weight loss is a natural outcome of your body returning to health and radiance. 

I believe strongly that if one focuses on eating purely for weight-loss, one will remain caught in eating and eating habits that cause weight-gain.  They come hand-in-hand.

No, I don't.  So if you've found a diet that really suits your body and you're thriving on it, I'm not going to counter that. 

If you haven't found a way of eating, I will be going over certain guidelines, and one in particular that helped me more than anything when it came to what personal diet to follow!

Absolutely not. There is no reason to stop medication to benefit from this course. As always, work closely with your primary healthcare provider.  This course is NOT to replace your primary healthcare.

Yes! Contact me through here:

Eating In Harmony comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee. 

This period of grace begins from the commencement of the course. So you have 30 days to experience the course before making your decision.

Listen to the sessions, follow the directions and if you don't experience positive benefits, let me know and I'll refund your money without quibbles! (Got to use that gorgeous word again :) )

(One-to-one mentoring sessions do not come with a grace period or refund.)

Join Eating In Harmony Now!

Course - $247 (Beta Offer)

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