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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Nourish by Scent - Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Interested in supporting your journey towards a joyful relationship with your body, naturally, easily and enjoyably?

Welcome to the wonderful and nurturing embrace of Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils!

I know ‘easily & enjoyably’ can sound too good to be true but the capacity of 100% pure and 100% potent essential oils to aid your transformation is phenomenal.  No, they won’t do all the work for you, but there are many ways they can support your body's transition back to harmony whilst at the same time facilitating a more balanced emotional state and a positive state of mind. 

Essential oils can help you:

  • Re-establish healthy digestion - including alleviating bloat
  • Balance blood sugars and curb cravings
  • Hear your body's signals
  • Calm anxiety, which can so often lead to eating when we're not hungry
  • Find self-acceptance...a mighty step towards, self-love.
  • Overcome your resistance to healthy eating – so you can move beyond ‘willing but unable to’
  • Release body shame
  • Relearn how to nourish and nurture yourself
  • Break the habit of 'body disassociation' which so often underlies negative eating behaviours
  • Move beyond body comparison

Personally, I've been loving essential oils since 1993, when I came across them on a lunch break in a small town in rural Ireland, just before becoming a key witness of an armed bank robbery!  (Perhaps it was the blissful scent of Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang that I had been inhaling deeply for the last half-hour that kept me so absolutely calm!).  

Although I used, explored and enjoyed oils a lot over the following 23 years, they never were as effective as I knew they should be and read about.  That was until I came across a therapeutic brand five years ago that completely lifted the bar.  Their absolute purity and standardised 100% potency made all the difference.

After trying them at home and witnessing the immediate and astounding benefits, I swiftly integrated them into the work I do within. And the results were fabulous. When combined with the other tools and techniques found in Nourishing Light, the outcome is dynamic and accelerated shifts in wellness, mindset and habitual behaviour.

What are Essential Oils?

One of the treasures of the planet. Essential oils are the aromatic compounds of leaves, bark, roots, seeds, flowers and fruit.  Their therapeutic uses have been known for thousands of years. 

There's a reason why Frankincense and Myrrh were given along with gold to the divine child, they were among the most powerful and sought-after medicines of the day, so expensive that only kings were able to afford to buy in bulk! Fortunately, this isn’t the case these days.

And essential oils are no hokey-pokey thing (as long as they’re 100% pure AND 100% potent – oils that aren’t, just don’t give the same results). There are many institutions that are using them, such as the John Hopkins University Hospital, the biggest teaching hospital in the United States, and the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

They also work on every level: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, thereby supporting your entire being.

Why are Purity and Potency Paramount?

Purity and potency are paramount because without BOTH the oil may well smell nice but it will not be therapeutically effective. In short, other than giving you a nice whiff, it won’t help you a lot.

If the oil is not pure, you may well be introducing toxins directly into your body via your skin, olfactory receptors and digestive system.

There are many ways that oils become tainted eg. through the addition of pesticides and toxic fertilizers, through distilling with solvents (using chemicals to extract the oil quickly and cheaply), and by the purposeful adding of substances to dilute the oil so the middleman can make more money.

An example of the latter was the collapse of the Petitgrain industry in Paraguay for many years due to the adulteration of the essential oil with petroleum - ugh!

To be 100% potent, it needs to be grown in the perfect soil, climate and conditions as well as being harvested and distilled correctly. An example is Vetiver. For Vetiver to achieve maximum potency, the roots need to be kept in the ground for 18 months, not the 6 months which is standard for most Vetiver available. This is the reason why there can be such a price difference – cheaper Vetiver hasn’t been kept in the ground long enough.

So make sure whatever oil you’re using is absolutely 100% pure and 100% potent – and a label saying 100% pure is not enough. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve come across ‘100% pure’ which is either watered down with carrier oil or even worse, synthetic. It’s important you do your research into whatever brand you are using.

If you would like to have a look at the essential oils I use, please use this link

Join me on a journey of healing, nourishment, and fun where you are genuinely embraced and welcome...

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