Safe to Share With

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

It’s time to shed light and love into the shadow that consumes, the hidden illness of bulimia.  It comes with crippling shame, despair and the terror of being found out.  Bulimia affects women, men and children of diverse ages and backgrounds.  It is not narcissistic, nor a sign of weak will neither is it manipulative behaviour.  It is pain.  It is emotional overwhelm.  It is a disconnect from one’s body and one’s self.  It is a deep howl of not feeling enough.  It is malnourishment of one’s body and one’s mind, and the desperate cry of that same body to live, and the soul to express. 

Healing of this tenacious illness begins with being able to share and from there seek help.  However, most people who struggle with bulimia are completely isolated in their torment – too ashamed and scared to let their friends and close ones know in case of rejection and condemnation.  And when someone close suspects it, often they don’t know how to broach the subject.  Likewise, the sufferer doesn’t necessarily know who to confide in; who will listen without judgement. 

Please share this if you wish your friends and family to know, that if they have bulimia, you are SAFE TO SHARE WITH; you will listen to them and understand it is not something they can ‘just get over’ or ‘just stop’.  The most precious thing you can offer them is to listen and love them unconditionally.  Let them know; they are lovable just as they are.  Whether they’re ready to share with you or not, they’ll feel your caring, and it will make a difference.  Thank you <3 


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